“I had been to many doctors of different specialities over the course of eight years, none of whom could help or resolve my problems. I finally got to the point where I accepted and lived with these problems. Fortunately, I got to see Doc Healy. Within two weeks time, I was on the road to better health and my problems were going away. Within six months, I was back to normal and living a much happier, healthier and pain-free life” - Stacy 

“KC Chiropractic & Wellness is so much more than chiropractic medicine. It is about you and how Doc Healy can make you and your body work together as one by means of education, applied kinesiology and chiropractic care. Do yourself a favor and take the time for you.” - Susan

“I have been coming to Dr. Healy since 1999 and he is fantastic. His depth of knowledge about the body and ability to both diagnose and fix all my problems has been amazing. He has taught me that the whole body, i.e. muscles, nerves and organs, must work together to keep us healthy and pain-free.” - Amy

“Doc Healy really helped me with my gastro-intestinal issues. I have a condition that takes me longer to digest my food. Sometimes I cannot digest my food at all and my body rejects the food by throwing it up. Doc Healy has worked with me over the past two years and now I barely throw up at all. I used to throw up once or twice a week; now it only happens once every four or five months. I am thankful for Doc Healy’s help.” - Chris

“Doc Healy got me fixed when other professionals couldn’t do it. It’s that simple. He helps with preventative maintenance so I can do my job as a roofing contractor. He’s the best, that’s simply it.” - Tyler

“What I love about Kevin, besides his warped sense of humor and his love of rock music, is his curiosity. He won’t adjust me until he’s done a thorough exam and determined why I’m in pain or out of alignment. I attribute this to his AK training which teaches the practitioner to treat the cause, not the symptom. My whole family sees him -- me to treat lingering effects of a broken back and my husband and daughter for maintenance and sports ailments. I see Kevin regularly; he’s given me back a healthy, pain-free body.” -  Elizabeth

“Dr. Healy has been instrumental in the treatment of my chronic mid-back pain problems. I have known him since he first opened his practice and have been with him ever since. He has a well-trained and intuitive sense of the body and spine that I think few possess. I would and do recommend him to anyone in need of intelligent and cordial attention for an on-going pain situation.” - Randy

"My focus in my mid-50s is to be the healthiest, most resilient person I can be in order to function at my highest capacity.  It's not something I'm able to accomplish alone; realizing this takes confidence and trust in the right health and wellness professional, as well as the right discipline practiced on a consistent basis.  Dr. Healy's skill as an applied kinesiologist has made all the difference in my life.  His keen ability to assess the physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms that affect my everyday mobility and way of being is spot on.  He has a willingness to work outside the box, to empower me as the architect of my own well-being, and to be the kind of teacher whose generous instruction is life-changing and transformational." - Elaine

"For the last fifteen years, Dr. Healy has guided, encouraged, poked and prodded in an effort to help me maintain and even improve my health. The good news is, his efforts have been successful. From my first visit, I was convinced that his commitment to helping is genuine, his knowledge is deep and his skill level is undeniable. When I left that first visit I already knew he was a practitioner I could trust. After fifteen years that trust has only deepened. Dr. Healy's ability to help patients extends far beyond just manipulating the physical body. He is a holistic practitioner who takes the health of the entire person into account. I am grateful to have Dr. Healy as a doctor and good health guide." - Chris

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